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A look to the syntax of lambda expressions for JVM-hosted languages › Comparing lambda expressions in four JVM-hosted languages
Which language is most compact and easy to read? Read More ›

Corsair does not support us, we do support ourselves. › Corsair Hydro H100i v2 under Linux
And probably also other Corsair AIO water coolers such as the H115i Read More ›

Fresco, essiccato, polvere, olio piccante, confetture › Peperoncini e derivati disponibili
Elenco aggiornato Read More ›

Andando oltre la retorica dei due schieramenti › Le ragioni per cui voterò sì al Referendum Costituzionale
Dopo aver consultato una buona quantità di documenti, e visto una buona quantità di dibattiti, ho deciso di optare per il sì Read More ›

Materiale informativo e opinioni dei due fronti › Referendum Costituzionale
Raccolta di materiale informativo sul referendum costituzionale di dicembre Read More ›

La semina e le prime fasi di crescita › Coltivare peperoncini, parte I
Purtroppo non basta tirare i semi per terra per ottenere un buon raccolto. Read More ›

You are not protecting anything › A few points about gun control
Possessing a gun does its possessor or her loving ones safer. Read More ›

Smarter dependency resolution › SmarTrRR: a transitive dependency range resolver for Gradle
The transitive dependency ranges resolution in Gradle is crazy. I believe I got it fixed. Read More ›

I was shooting a canary with a cannon › Drupal to Jekyll
How I decided to drop hyper-fancy content manager systems for a generated static website. Read More ›

No intersection, no party › Version ranges resolution in Gradle is insane
Gradle is unable to analyze all the ranges for the transitive dependencies prior to choosing one. It resolves every range singularly, and then picks the latest (or fails). Read More ›

Lose your progress never again › How to fix FTL: Faster Than Light Steam Cloud sync on Linux and MacOS X
FTL does not play well with Steam Cloud. Here is a possible solution. Read More ›

The phone says that you should kill people. You are ok with that. › Hotline Miami reviewed on Linux
A playable movie of David Linch; with the gore, violence, and sadness of Hostel; and on of the best soundtracks I have ever experienced in a video game. Read More ›

La vera verità sulla canapa che nessuno vi vogliono dirvi. › Cannabis, cannabinoidi e cancro: facciamo chiarezza
La canapa è il terrore delle aziende farmaceutiche? Cura il cancro e per questo la proibiscono? Read More ›

The hunter and the hunted › White shark attacking REMUS SharkCam
Totally amazing footage of a great white shark attacking a SharkCam Read More ›

La matematica parla chiaro. › I clandestini ci portano Ebola!!11!!! Ma anche no.
Noti gruppi neo fascisti italiani sfruttano la paura del diverso per guadagnare consensi, millantando possibili arrivi di malattie esotiche. Epidemia in arrivo? Read More ›

Linux-friendly stealth platformer. › Mark of the Ninja reviewed on Linux
I'm not too fussed with ninjas as other people is, but I'm always happy to try games that are said to be innovative, especially if they run on Linux. Read More ›

One step closer to World domination › The Italian municipality of Turin is switching to Linux
Turin will be the first Comune (municipality) in Italy to completely dispose Microsoft Windows in favor of GNU/Linux. Read More ›

The other side of tower defense (maybe the boring one) › Anomaly Korea reviewed on Linux
I bought this game as I did for many others, namely it accidentally appeared on my Steam library because I hit an Humble Bundle containing something else I was interested in. In my effort to try to complete as much games for Linux as possible, I also completed this one. Read More ›

Anodyne review, including a guide to actually run this thing on Linux. › Anodyne reviewed on Linux
I'm not a big fan of Zelda-like super retro games, but I decided to give Anodyne a chance anyway. Read More ›

Safety and availability. › My personal cloud
I got a few requests to describe my personal cloud system. Read More ›

Life lesson in form of videogame. › Antichamber reviewed on Linux
I just finished playing Antichamber, and I decided this world have not enough review of this game yet, not on Linux at least. Read More ›

Legalizzazione della marijuana. Conviene? A chi? Ragioniamo sui dati reali. › Ci conviene legalizzare la cannabis?
Gli unici che non dovrebbero voler la legalizzazione della marijuana sono gli assuefatti. Read More ›

Dal blog di Jennifer Raff › Cari genitori, vi stanno mentendo.
Cari genitori, vi stanno mentendo. Le persone che asseriscono di agire nell'interesse dei vostri figli stanno ponendo la loro salute e anche la loro vita a rischio. Read More ›

I was shooting a canary with a cannon › Drupal to Jekyll
How I decided to drop hyper-fancy content manager systems for a generated static website. Read More ›

Want to lose data and money? › How OLScs ( lost my data
Beware of this service: it is just a scam. Read More ›

Let's fix the game on Sabayon Linux. › Solution for Trine 2 on Steam not starting on Sabayon Linux
The Steam version of Trine 2 was not starting on Linux. Here is a possible solution. Read More ›

Plug and view › Automatically switch screen configuration when a new monitor is connected in Sabayon Linux
It is easy to configure Linux to switch the configuration automatically when a new monitor gets connected. Read More ›