information technology – Smarter dependency resolution

SmarTrRR: a transitive dependency range resolver for Gradle

Blog of Feeling Responsive The transitive dependency ranges resolution in Gradle is crazy. I believe I got it fixed. Read More ›

information technology – I was shooting a canary with a cannon

Drupal to Jekyll

Blog of Feeling Responsive How I decided to drop hyper-fancy content manager systems for a generated static website. Read More ›

information technology – No intersection, no party

Version ranges resolution in Gradle is insane

Blog of Feeling Responsive Gradle is unable to analyze all the ranges for the transitive dependencies prior to choosing one. It resolves every range singularly, and then picks the latest (or fails). Read More ›

videogames – Lose your progress never again

How to fix FTL: Faster Than Light Steam Cloud sync on Linux and MacOS X

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videogames – The phone says that you should kill people. You are ok with that.

Hotline Miami reviewed on Linux

Blog of Feeling Responsive A playable movie of David Linch; with the gore, violence, and sadness of Hostel; and on of the best soundtracks I have ever experienced in a video game. Read More ›