videogames – The other side of tower defense (maybe the boring one)

Anomaly Korea reviewed on Linux

I bought this game as I did for many others, namely it accidentally appeared on my Steam library because I hit an Humble Bundle containing something else I was interested in. In my effort to try to complete as much games for Linux as possible, I also completed this one. Read More ›

videogames – Anodyne review, including a guide to actually run this thing on Linux.

Anodyne reviewed on Linux

I'm not a big fan of Zelda-like super retro games, but I decided to give Anodyne a chance anyway. Read More ›

information technology – Safety and availability.

My personal cloud

I got a few requests to describe my personal cloud system. Read More ›

videogames – Life lesson in form of videogame.

Antichamber reviewed on Linux

I just finished playing Antichamber, and I decided this world have not enough review of this game yet, not on Linux at least. Read More ›

attualità – Legalizzazione della marijuana. Conviene? A chi? Ragioniamo sui dati reali.

Ci conviene legalizzare la cannabis?

Blog of Feeling Responsive Gli unici che non dovrebbero voler la legalizzazione della marijuana sono gli assuefatti. Read More ›