videogames – Linux-friendly stealth platformer.

Mark of the Ninja reviewed on Linux

Blog of Feeling Responsive I'm not too fussed with ninjas as other people is, but I'm always happy to try games that are said to be innovative, especially if they run on Linux. Read More ›

information technology – One step closer to World domination

The Italian municipality of Turin is switching to Linux

Blog of Feeling Responsive Turin will be the first Comune (municipality) in Italy to completely dispose Microsoft Windows in favor of GNU/Linux. Read More ›

videogames – The other side of tower defense (maybe the boring one)

Anomaly Korea reviewed on Linux

I bought this game as I did for many others, namely it accidentally appeared on my Steam library because I hit an Humble Bundle containing something else I was interested in. In my effort to try to complete as much games for Linux as possible, I also completed this one. Read More ›

videogames – Anodyne review, including a guide to actually run this thing on Linux.

Anodyne reviewed on Linux

I'm not a big fan of Zelda-like super retro games, but I decided to give Anodyne a chance anyway. Read More ›

information technology – Safety and availability.

My personal cloud

I got a few requests to describe my personal cloud system. Read More ›