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Cari genitori, vi stanno mentendo.

Blog of Feeling Responsive Cari genitori, vi stanno mentendo. Le persone che asseriscono di agire nell'interesse dei vostri figli stanno ponendo la loro salute e anche la loro vita a rischio. Read More ›

information technology – I was shooting a canary with a cannon

Drupal to Jekyll

Blog of Feeling Responsive How I decided to drop hyper-fancy content manager systems for a generated static website. Read More ›

information technology – Want to lose data and money?

How OLScs ( lost my data

Beware of this service: it is just a scam. Read More ›

videogames – Let's fix the game on Sabayon Linux.

Solution for Trine 2 on Steam not starting on Sabayon Linux

The Steam version of Trine 2 was not starting on Linux. Here is a possible solution. Read More ›

information technology – Plug and view

Automatically switch screen configuration when a new monitor is connected in Sabayon Linux

Blog of Feeling Responsive It is easy to configure Linux to switch the configuration automatically when a new monitor gets connected. Read More ›