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A look to the syntax of lambda expressions for JVM-hosted languages

Comparing lambda expressions in four JVM-hosted languages

Which language is most compact and easy to read? Read More ›

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I am a Computer Engineer, and a postdoc at University of Bologna. I got my PhD, my master and my bachelor at the same university, but I traveled quite a lot in the meanwile: I had been spending three months at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne (FL, USA) while studying for my master, three months at the Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz (Austria), and finally three months at Raytheon BBN Technologies, which included a few weeks of work at the University of Iowa.

My current goal is to become a valuable member of the scientific community.

I like to read, experiment and create during my free time, and that’s also why I want a place where to store my thoughts: there is a small but not-zero probability that they could be of use to someone else, or more probably to me in a while, when I’ll need to remember why some stuff was done like it is.

Depending on the target of my posts, they might be written in English or Italian. Consider this a bilingual blog.